Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just a little update...

I only got to do a quick status update via Facebook on Monday after my appointment, so I thought I'd to a little update on here to catch up those of you that are interested (and obviously if you are reading this...You are probably one of those people).  

So, my PCP (primary care provider) agrees with my thinking that I have fibromyalgia.  Most PCP's don't manage this condition, so she immediately place a referral to a rheumatologist.  A rheumatologist primarily deal with conditions/diseases involving joints, soft tissue, connective tissue and autoimmune disorders.  
The problem is...for a first time visit/consult, there's a long wait to get seen.  My appointment isn't until November 26th...which is 46 days away.  With as long as I've been in pain at this point, what's another 46 days, right?  WRONG!  Once I made the decision to deal with this and move forward, I was ready to get this under control now!  Plus, the struggle I went through internally to decide that what I'm going through really DOES matter has been an emotional one for me.  So, I've been even more exhausted and strained this week then I've been in a long time.  Plus, after two really rough days at work of absolutely no down time and stress levels through the roof, I spent last night on the couch barely moving.  So, this 46 day wait seems terribly long to me right now.  

Luckily, my PCP was willing to at least get the ball rolling for me.  The primary medication for treating fibromyalgia these days is Lyrica.  My sister who also has fibromyalgia has had a lot of success with that medication and I was hoping (and still am) that was the route we would go.  My PCP explained that what she's seen however, is that because Lyrica is still brand name and very expensive that most insurance companies won't cover it until you've tried and failed other treatments first. 
So, we started me on a medication called gabapentin (Neurontin).  She's starting me on a standard dose and I can step up as needed on a week by week basis.  Then when I go to see the rheumatologist next month, we've at least tried this med.  If it works, then GREAT!  If not, then we've tried it and can move on.  

I've only been on it since Monday night and haven't noticed any changes yet, but I'm still holding out hope. 
So, for now, that's it I suppose...Until another day.

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  1. Good luck Ambie! Love you and I'm here if you need me :)